Oct 3 2014

Nightime Teeth Boogie

bedtime_routine_kidsIt’s a simple thing that children are taught to integrate into their night time routine, and that is to brush their teeth before bed. Many adults forget to implement this simple practice, while simultaneously checking up on their kids to ensure they are doing it. Brushing your teeth before bed is like dressing them in knight’s armor. You’re prepared to battle with the bacteria lurking in your mouth until your natural defenses are ready to reengage in the morning. Your day time defense is your ability to swallow, which is deactivated at night leaving your valuable smile vulnerable.

There is nothing wrong with reaching for the stars when it comes to brushing your gums. Two time “schmoo” times! Your teeth could use some attention after EVERY meal and EVERY snack. If you’re like most of us, you pass your time in cubicle hell mindlessly munching on sweet sugary snacks, and drinking teeth staining soft drinks and coffee. Unless you’re trying to emulate the finish of hardwood flooring, then you’d do well to follow the above advice.

However there is a disconnect between what we learn as children and implement as adults, especially the small things. Much of this has to do with the example our parents set for us during our childhoods. Its one thing to be told to do something, but another to witness your hero following the same directions every night. The easiest way to ensure that you and your children will develop this healthy lifetime habit may be to indulge in its practice together.   You can build incredibly fun memories of you and your children foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs, while treating your teeth to night time sudsy goodness. Parents should make it a point to do all things health related as a family unit to foster trust in the process of staying healthy, and fostering a relaxed atmosphere when going to see the family dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup.

Encourage your dentist to speak to the family as whole regarding the measures you should take in putting together a good nighttime routine. Your attentiveness during the conversation will have a twofold affect.

  1. It will show your children the value of your family dentist advice and demonstrate how important it is to listen to.
  2. It also reinforces and bolsters your relationship with your dentist allowing him to feel even more vested in the health of you and your kids.

Your dentist will show your family different techniques with regard to brushing, bringing out illustrative props which are always a hit with the kids. They will go over everything from choice of brush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash. This is a bonding motion that will ensure that your children will appreciate the importance of night time brushing.

How cool would it be to cut your dental health bills in half by simply reintroducing a consistent plan of night time brushing back into your life? And it would be equally cool to see your kids carry this practice with them for the rest of their life. Follow this plan and you can almost guarantee that the results will speak for themselves.

Sep 29 2014

Giving Gum Disease The One Two!

gingivitis-tartarWhile it may sound strange patient should treat their teeth like children, in that they should really have no favorites when it comes to caring for their health. The analogy really does makes sense when you think about it, as there are some teeth that are more difficult than others when it comes to brushing. It’s easy to be thorough with your front teeth as they are easily within your visual range, and doesn’t take much for when brushing your teeth. However your rear teeth, or molars require little more work but it is well worth it because they are the teeth that do all the dirty work when it comes to eating.

And while forcing all of your teeth is important it really requires extra tension with regard to your rear teeth. Cleaning with a brush alone may result in 70% effectiveness in cleaning your mouth, and while 70% is in a bad number its catastrophic with regard to the bacteria in food build up that can damage your rear teeth. That is why I like to stress that there really is no limit to how many times a day you should care for your teeth, and you should have with you at all times a toothbrush, toothpaste, in some manner with which to force your teeth.

If you’ve ever seen a person with the horrid yellow build up around her gum line and wondered what it is, it’s call tartar and is a direct result of neglectful brushing of the rear teeth. Failure to brush throughout the day after snacking and eating sugary snacks allows plaque to fortify itself and become this difficult to remove substance known as tartar. By failing to maintain the rear teeth and keeping an eye on the development of these bad materials by the time your dentist is aware of the problem is usually too late to take care of with a simple cleaning. The longer this bacteria is allowed to sit the more likely you will experience painful read information and often times bleeding in the most affected areas.

The reality is it takes no time for leftover food to begin to break down and become the harmful bacteria that later leads to the development of plaque when your teeth. In under an hour, if left unchecked you will have enough bacterial build up to require a dental visit. Couple this with most Americans typically bad diets of sugary snacks, and overall poor dietary habits you are left with the breeding ground for future dental problems.

As harmful as plaque is for your teeth, and the overall scheme of dental diseases is just the tip of the iceberg but can quickly lead to more serious problems affecting both your health and pocketbook. And as we mentioned earlier tartar is the next step in the escalation of dental disorders that require more extensive time and effort on the part of your dentist to repair. Plaque which is colorless and easy to remove with a simple routine, stands in stark contrast to the crystallize formation that it becomes resulting in tartar. The unsightly yellow material sits on your teeth and often requires your dentist to “plain” the teeth with a sharp scythe like instrument. And trust us it’s as painful as it looks when use to scrape along the tooth and gum line.

Both of these problems can be avoided by taking the time out and following the brushing and flossing routine for your back teeth as prescribed by your Dennis, on a daily basis. Your local dentist is here to provide you with the knowledge and over-the-counter tools that you can use to prevent 90% of all dental problems and enjoy a healthy and productive oral health lifestyle.

Sep 29 2014

Choosing A Great Columbus Dentist

columbus dentist west broadNo matter how far dental science comes nothing will ever replace the beauty of your original teeth. Your dull permanent teeth are the only set that you will ever half and require the necessary effort to ensure they last for the duration of your life. This makes a visit to your dentist mandatory, not something that you can skip on a whim. You can think of your dentist as a gatekeeper standing guard ready to defend you with his knowledge for the benefit of your long-term oral health. When reviewing your choices for local dentist, it’s a good idea to speak with current patients and read up on reviews which can be found on sites such as Health Grades, Yelp, Google local for business, and also the Better Business Bureau all great resources for discovering what current and past patients have to say.

As a patient you need to take it upon yourself to select a good Columbus Ohio dentist. This profession will ensure that all aspects of your dental health are gone over with a fine tooth comb. A general dentist is quite capable of handling all your needs, and his most important asset will be the knowledge to handoff problems that can’t and to specialist when needed. The most important services that he can offer you is the initial checkup where he will assess your overall tooth condition. What he finds upon this initial visit will determine the treatment plan that you will follow over the course of the next year. General dentist handle all the basics when it comes tooth care, such as fillings, implants, as well as room canals, and a multitude of cosmetic services.

An experienced dentist will understand that the most important thing that you can take from your initial checkup, is the knowledge to care for your teeth between visits. Here he will set you up with a plan that you can implement on a daily basis to ensure your teeth are healthy and no problems develop in between appointments. He will suggest a regimen of regular brushing, flossing between meals and snacks, and a nighttime routine that ensures your teeth are protected against bacteria while you’re catching your beauty sleep. For dental pediatric patients the dentist will often go so far as to pull out a set of fake teeth, demonstrating the techniques that will ensure their young teeth develop into a healthy adult ones.

Patients often forget that dentist are first and foremost doctors, and their role in your overall health is as important as any medical discipline you may encounter. At the very basis your teeth or the tools that provide nourishment and sustenance for your overall health. Your dentist job is to ensure that you don’t neglect caring for your teeth, as the alternative will lead to a life of difficulty in maintaining your well-being. If you’re local to the Columbus Ohio area and are in need of an excellent general dentist, you could do no better than to pay a visit to Dr. Sean R Bates, DDS & Associates www.drseanbates.com.